Viriom will Present Latest Preclinical Data on Elsulfavirine/VM1500A Long Acting Injectable Formulation Development at the 16th European AIDS Conference in Milan

SAN DIEGO, CA, October 3d, 2017 -- Viriom Inc. announced today that it will be presenting “Preclinical Development of Elsulfavirine/VM1500A Long Acting Injectable Formulations" at the 16th European AIDS Conference in Milano, Italy. The study evaluates new options for treatment and prevention of AIDS, especially for patients with resistant HIV strains, that would allow for infrequent dosing, thus facilitating patients’ adherence and likely improving long-term treatment outcomes. Viriom invites interested researchers and physicians to the poster viewing session on Wednesday, October 25, 15:00 to 17:00. The study results will be presented by Dr. Kan and Dr. Bichko, CSO of Viriom.

In addition, Viriom is participating in IDweek2017 from October 4th to October 8th in San Diego, CA, and invites partners with breakthrough HIV therapies and prophylactics to meet at the convention or visit Viriom offices at 6605 Nancy Ridge Drive, San Diego CA 92121.  

Viriom also invites interested researchers and physicians to attend the launch symposium of Elpida® - “First in XXI Century. Innovations in HIV treatment in Russia” at 12-13.30 pm on October 5th within the framework of the 2nd St. Petersburg Forum on HIV/AIDS infection “Modern Aspects of Prophylaxis, Diagnostics and Treatment”, where Dr. Hammond, Dr. Petrovich, Dr. Kravchenko, Dr. Efimov and Dr. Nagimova will be presenting at the panel discussion.

The results of an earlier study, “Red Blood Cells are a Natural Slow Release Depot for Elsulfavirine/VM1500A HIV NNRTI”, were reported by Dr. Bichko at the 20th European Society for Clinical Virology (ESCV) annual meeting during the “HIV and Other Retroviruses” oral session on September 14 in Stresa, Italy. The study explained VM1500A beneficially long plasma elimination half-life after oral administration of Elsulfavirine.

“We are very pleased with the latest clinical results and most importantly with our first launch activities,” commented Nikolay Savchuk, Chairman of the Board of Viriom. “Elsulfavirine has shown its virologic and immunologic efficacy in various formulations, combinations, and routs of administration, demonstrating its potential as a unique multidimensional therapeutic alternative for unmet needs in safe, tolerable and long acting regiments for HIV treatment, importantly including patients with drug-resistant HIV mutations or high viral load before treatment.”

About Viriom

Viriom focuses on the treatment, prophylaxis, and eradication of infectious diseases globally. Viriom is developing and commercializing the most innovative and affordable solutions to radically expand global access to antiviral treatments and prophylaxis. Viriom’s broad, proprietary, and partnered pipeline covers therapeutic, prophylactic, and curative medicines for HIV/AIDS and other highly communicable diseases. Viriom’s most advanced drug is Elpida/Elsulfavirine, a once-daily 20 mg oral prodrug of VM-1500A, a novel HIV non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI). Development is underway for once-weekly oral and longer-acting parenteral formulations of Elpida/Elsulfavirine, combination and formulations with VM-2500 proprietary pro-drug nucleoside inhibitor and other drugs. Learn more at