Who we are

Viriom Inc. is a commercial and late-stage biotech company developing novel therapies and prophylactic medicines against HIV-1 and Hepatitis B Virus (HBV). Viriom's pipeline includes: Elpida® (elsulfavirine), the best-in-class NNRTI that obtained first market authorization in 2017; novel fixed doze combination single pill regimens; extended release weekly oral formulations; and long-acting injectable therapy and prophylaxis. Viriom is also developing a highly potent prodrug of the antiviral tenofovir to treat HIV-1 and Hepatitis B patients. Viriom combines its extended release and long-acting injectable compounds with partners’ therapies with curative potential.

Viriom is developing breakthrough medicines that are effective and affordable with the ultimate goal of curing HIV and chronic HBV infections in both developing and developed countries.